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Dive Bar Comedy

May 28, 2020

LA’s favorite dive bar comics join Wild Jo and Mista See for a fun night of standup. This week features seasoned pros Victor Martinez Jr, Bear Badeaux, Erik Escobar, Grace Balint, Carol Newell, and twins Jake and Alex Yardley. Tune in every Tuesday at 9pm pacific live streaming on Facebook at Dive Bar Comedy.

May 21, 2020

Wild Jo can’t get the babies to bed, so they join her in the virtual bar and add even more craziness to an already crazy cast of characters. Carol Newell works out the technical kinks while Mista See interviews this week’s comics, Pete D'Alessandro, Deanna Dickson, Ben Rosen, KJ Vaughn, and Caroline Langford. Join...

May 13, 2020

This week, Wild Jo and Mista See chat with comedians Martin Morrow, Aaron Michael Marsh, Suwon Weaver, Courtney Blomquist, and Carol Newell. They discuss the finer points of masturbating with socks, then hear guests' latest outrageous standup sets. Join the live stream on Facebook @DiveBarComedy every Tuesday at 9pm...

May 6, 2020

Check out Dive Bar Comedy's first virtual bar show, live streamed on Facebook @DiveBarComedy Tuesdays at 9pm pacific. Wild Jo and Mista See delve deep into comedians' pasts to find their inspiration. Featuring Carol Newell, Dana Olita Ogden, Carson Cash, Gino Riccardi, and Bee Gutierrez.